Our Mission

BIPOCIT is a collective dedicated to creating community spaces where Black, Indigenous, && People of Color in Tech can be authentically themselves — their whole selves.

We cultivate spaces where our power and capabilities are recognized, our identities are embraced, and where we grow not only as individuals but also a collective.

Our aim is to uplift and to bring strong communities closer together through celebration, communication, and collaboration.

History & Background

The BIPOCIT collective started as a private space within JS & CSS Conf EU — two of Europe’s largest web technology conferences. The conference organizers recognized the importance of providing BIPOC, a group that is historically underrepresented in tech, with a safer space. The result was the BIPOCIT Space: a place to retreat, share knowledge, network, and relax — authentically.

Throughout the course of the two conferences, the space welcomed over 125 participants, and the feedback that followed was overwhelmingly positive. After witnessing the need for such a space, we committed to continuing the work as an independent organization.